Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quality metal storage cabinets from Durham Manufacturing

In our tropical climate, metal cabinets are ideal to be used as storage cabinets. Dampness attracts termites and many wooden storage places have suffered attacks by these pests. Steel cabinets can be better alternatives as they do not need a coat of paint, are rust-proof and last.

If you are in the market for metal storage cabinets be it for the home or for the office, Durham Manufacturing has just the cabinet or cabinets you need. Established in 1922, this company manufactures top quality metal cabinets, steel storage cabinets, industrial storage products, shelving and racks, industrial workbenches, and more. Looking for flammable storage cabinets? Durham has them too and you have 10 cabinets to choose from - 5 manual closing, 5 self-closing.

For industrial storage, Durham Manufacturing has a wide selection of industrial storage products, from industrial-duty 16-gauge metal cabinets to heavy-duty 14-gauge steel cabinets and extra-heavy-duty 12-gauge steel storage cabinets. They all come with high security locking features.

There are also janitorial metal storage cabinets, and heavy-duty extra-wide bin cabinets. Also available are bins, drawer cabinets and drawer cabinet systems, rotary shelving, bulk storage cabinets, and mobile cabinets. Check them out. When it comes to cabinets, Durham Manufacturing is tops in quality, selection and fast shipping having a network of four strategically-located warehouses throughout the United States. Their warehouse system also serves to drastically decrease the cost of shipping and freight charges as shipments are made free on board (FOB) from the warehouse location, not from the factory, a process which saves time and money for their customers.

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