Thursday, December 28, 2006

CompTIA Network Training

I've always wondered and marvelled at computer shops and how they managed to set up such a complicating network or system. If you're one who has the intention to set up such an outfit but lack the expertise, you might want to check out Comptia Network Training.

Trainsignal offers accelerated hands-on IT Network Support and Administration training. It is a proven method that guarentees results or your money back. Learn how to administer your very own network with their effective instructor-led training which is fun and in interactive scenarios with real-world examples. Whether it is How to Setup A Computer Network, Configure Security or Administer Your Network; they walk you through the details, step-by-step. And with their 120 CompTia Network+ Exam Questions you'll be more than ready for the Exam! For only $149.95, it's really a steal.

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