Sunday, December 24, 2006

Keystroke Recorder

More and more homes are now having personal computers at home which means more and more people (kids included) have access to the Internet. Parents who are at work will not know what their kids are viewing on the computer nor what their kids are communicating on. Or even worse to whom they are communicating with. There is now a way to know for sure and it is by way of a keystroke recorder. Keystroke recorders can keep track of the kids Internet activity so that parents will have an idea of what their kids do on the computer.

These recorders can also be installed in the office where employees Internet activity can be monitored so that employees do not misuse their time thus improving overall productivity. Keystroke recorders can be used to record anything from web sites they visit to recording passwords. Why not get a keystroke recorder for your home or office for that complete control.

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