Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Cool Vest can Help you Manage Heat Stress

Heat stress and heat exhaustion are a major concern in many areas of the world. In fact, heat can create very dangerous conditions, especially for people with medical conditions such as diabetes, eczema or asthma. When a person is affected by heat, physical conditions, such as the following can occur: sweating, moist and clammy skin, fatigue and weakness, nausea, increased body temperature, and headache as well as fainting and confusion; especially disorientation and even fever.

The good news is, heat stress and heat exhaustion can be managed and even prevented completely. The answer is simple: keep body temperature cool. How? This can be accomplished with lots of water, but especially convenient is a Cool Vest. The Friends of Water Store has a wide range of cool vests for both men and ladies. Unisex cool vests are also available.

Cool Vests keep you cool for hours; completely keeping you healthy and hydrated as well. Cool vests use evaporative cooling to keep you cool allowing you to go outside when you might not otherwise be able to, or stay outside longer than you would have otherwise. All you have to do to get the cool vest working is to simply soak the cool vest in cool water for a 10 to 30 seconds. Cool vests can be recharged fully in a flash, no matter where you are, as long as you have initial access to water.

At Friends of Water, you will find a wide selection of attractive women's cool vests. The vests are stylish, made of nice fabric, contoured in a complimentary manner and they come in a wide variety of fabric designs and a range of colors. There are high neck and open neck cool vests to choose from as well as vests adorned with studs and crystals. Some come with intricate designs, some are plain cool vests. There is a cool vest to suit every preference and budget. Cool vests for women come in different sizes, from XS to XL.

Other types of cool vests are also available including cycling cool vests and cool vest for other sports; ah, imagine how much better the sport. Further protection is possible with their cool vests with long sleeves and high neck design. Also available are reflective unisex cool vests. Other cooling wear that are available are cooling hats, cooling beanie, cooling scarves, cooling neck bands, cooling caps and more; all out at Friends of Water Store.

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Hi there, how do we purchase the cool vest in Malaysia? We are interested. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you, Jinsee

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