Saturday, May 05, 2012

Employee & Customer Surveys

Companies are constantly on the lookout for growth opportunities without having to invest unnecessarily or in the wrong places. Many smart companies have continued to invest in their current customer relationships, i.e., retaining repeat customers, because it costs less to keep one than to get a new customer. Many companies tend to forget that customers are the reason you come to work everyday. A well-designed customer satisfaction survey which can be conducted in an online market research can ensure you are informed of your customers’ needs and desires.

If you are looking for a market research solution, Infosurv is the research company you are looking for. Infosurv is a proud Inc. 5000 company and has been for the third consecutive year! Their three-year growth of 69% placed them as #268 in their industry and #3015 overall.

Infosurv, Inc. is a market research firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception in 1988, Infosurv has established itself as a recognized leader in the field of online survey research. They have served hundreds of clients in a wide variety of industries and locations. Among the solutions they provide are Custom Market Research (which includes Business-to-Business research, Consumer research and Advanced Analytics); Customer Satisfaction research; employee engagement surveys; Online Research and Reporting; and prediction markets for consumer research.

Each project design is customized to meet the specific research objective. Whatever research solution you need, you can expect nothing but the best customer satisfaction when you do business with Infosurv. In fact, they have a flawless reputation, their clients rating them on average, better than 9.0 on a 10-point scale in terms of overall satisfaction and willingness to rehire. Infosurv's unique technology and progressive online survey software will allow you to acquire the qualitative and quantitative intelligence you need to quickly turn around your business for better ROI and profitability.

For more information regarding their marketing research company and services, you can contact them via phone at 888.262.3186 or email, or request a free copy of their brochure.

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