Thursday, May 10, 2012

High quality Thermal Fuses

A thermal fuse, also known as thermal cutoff and thermal protector, is an important component in an electrical product. Uncontrolled overheating can lead to catastrophic consequences, fire being the main concern. A thermal fuse is designed into an electrical circuit to switch off power, either as a backup in series to a thermostat or on its own.

Chatham Component Inc. is a supplier of high quality thermal fuses. They serve Buyers and Engineers who are establishing an alternative source to their present thermal cutoff (TCO) supplier. Chatham's staff of engineers and sales personnel have a combined history of 100 years experience with the application of thermal protection products spanning communication, electrical appliances, solenoids, motors, transformers/power supplies, air-conditioning, battery, military, aviation, and industrial applications.

Chatham Components is an exclusive agency supplying a full spectrum of thermal protectors for two world-renowned brands, SEFUSE (produced by NEC Schott Components Corporation, Shiga, Japan) and ELCUT (produced by Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd of Osaka, Japan). At Chatham, they not only supply a quality product, they are also able to assist the customer choose the right thermal cutoff product for his particular application. They have been serving satisfied customers since 1983 and their larger users are producers of electrical appliances, battery packs, motors, transformers, heating and air-conditioning equipment and various electronic devices. Maintaining a stock of over 3 million thermal fuses/thermal cutoffs, most orders ship the same day.

Why buy from Chatham Components Inc.? When you with with them, you can expect to work with a company located in the United States. (CCI works as an extension of the two brands they supply and covers the Americas' markets (Canada, U.S.A., Mexico/Central America, South America, and the Caribbean) responsibility of inventorying, pricing, credit, promoting, selling, packaging, shipping and on-going marketing functions.) Working with CCI, you can expect a full range of thermal fuses from two global TCO manurfacturers; experienced design advice to help you determine the correct product; and quick delivery as a result of their huge inventory of over 3 million thermal fuses.

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