Saturday, May 05, 2012

Essential Tips for the first-time visitor to China

Wikipedia says there are 23.7% ethnic Chinese in Malaysia. It used to be over 30% - many have emigrated.

Some Chinese families here still have ties or family in China so China is still a country most Chinese people here would want to visit and see the land where their ancestors come from.

There is so much going on in and around the world and in China especially after she opened her doors to the world. NY Times offers tips on easy ways to visit China for the first-time visitor.

FOR the first-time visitor to China, planning a trip to the most populous country on earth can be an exercise in trying to tame the infinite. Where to begin? Since most people will be flying into Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, we suggest basing yourself in one of these three cities, each in its own state of frenzied transformation. As two Times correspondents, David Barboza in Shanghai and Keith Bradsher in Hong Kong, and Dan Levin, a regular contributor from Beijing point out, each city is a study in contrasts. Dazzling, ultramodern skylines conceal hidden corners of traditional China: historic neighborhoods crisscrossed by alleyways in Beijing; teahouses in Shanghai; and centuries-old temples in Hong Kong. Which isn’t to say that these metropolises, with their up-to-the-minute shops, galleries, restaurants and bars don’t possess their own magic. They do. Over to NY Times to for the essential tips on what to see and do for a week in China’s gateway cities.

Source: NY Times..Easy China, 3 Ways

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