Thursday, May 17, 2012

Long Range Wireless doorbells

Wireless doorbells are the norm these days rather than the exception and are useful for both homes and offices. Long range wireless doorbells are generally used in a place with a lot of wireless interference. They are also great for out-buildings and businesses. Looking for a long range doorbell? Below are the longest ranged wireless doorbells on the market and are available on the Wireless Doorbell Store.

The Optex 1400 ft. Range Wireless Doorbell works great where you need a little more range to transmit a signal through an area with high interference, or if your shops or outbuildings are outside the standard distance of your current range capability.

This long-range wireless alert system includes one push button and one receiver. Up to twelve additional sensors may be purchased and added to each receiver (3 on each zone) allowing coverage of multiple locations simultaneously. The receiver can be programmed to use four distinct tones to enable you to identify which sensor is being triggered. This system is compatible with their 1400 ft. range motion sensor, allowing you to have both a doorbell and a motion alarm all in one system. This system also allows for added range.

The Dakota 1000 ft. Range Wireless Doorbell is an easy do-it-yourself system for adding a doorbell in a home or business. The wireless push button can send its signal up to 1000 feet to the base. There are 16 separate musical alerts to notify you as to which button has been activated. Up to four separate push buttons can be integrated with one base and every button can be set to use a different melody or tone for easy identification. The base also has four indicator lights, allowing review of activated zones at a glance. This wireless doorbell is easy to install, ideal for any home or office. This product comes with a discount at the moment.

Here is a wireless doorbell that can also serve as a pager, perfect for monitoring a patient or bed-ridden family member. When your assistance is needed, they can simply press a button to notify you.

The Dakota 600 ft. Range Wireless Doorbell w/ Pager is great for large homes or work places which need additional distance between the push-button and the receiver. For security reasons, I see a lot of offices using this system.

Being portable, it allows for free movement at the same time alerting you when someone arrives at your door. The portable receiver is very compact at only 2.5” x 1.25” x .75” and fits snugly in your pocket. This unit also receives and stores alert signals. Each time the doorbell is pressed, the receiver alerts you and registers date/time of the activity (up to 400 day/time stamps can be recorded). The battery on this portable receiver can even hold a charge for up to 10 days.

This long-range wireless doorbell includes one push button and one receiver. An unlimited number of additional push buttons may be purchased and added to each receiver, allowing you to cover multiple locations at once. The receiver can be set to sound off four distinct beeps so you know which doorbell is being pressed. There is also a discount on this product currently.

All products including long range doorbells sold on Wireless Doorbell Store come with a 30-day money back guarantee! They ensure quick delivery, product being shipped the same day it is ordered. There is not sales tax, except for WA state.

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