Thursday, May 03, 2012

LED Lights are value for money

If you are in search of replacement interior led lights for your car, then you are one of the many who know the value of using LED lights. is the site for you. TunerDomes is an online LED lightings store dedicated to providing direct-fit replacement interior LED lights for serious car enthusiasts since 2002. The founder was a pioneer in the automotive LED industry and began by soldering LED replacement kits together manually. Realizing there was a lack of quality replacement dome lights on the market for tuner enthusiasts, TunerDomes was launched and now partners with the most talented LED manufacturers around the world to bring you the best and brightest automotive interior LED replacements available anywhere.

Except for led license plate lights, all TunerDomes kits come in three different color selections: HyperWhite, Nightvision Red and Electric Blue.

LED lights are becoming popular and are continuing to replace traditional filament bulbs in more and more applications including televisions, home appliances, and traffic lights. The many advantages of LED lights over Incandescent bulbs include: Extended service life of LED lights, Drastically reduced power consumption by as much as 50%, i.e., energy-efficient., Produces virtually no heat thus ideal for small spaces, Unaffected by vibration since LED lights do not have filaments unlike halogen bulbs and this makes LED lights more durable and dependable.

If you are looking for led license plate lights, you have come to the right place. LED chips used in TunerDomes bulbs are of the highest quality. They are constantly refreshing their stock to utilize the latest LED technology and materials to provide products with the highest quality and value for money. By US laws, all license plate lights need to be in white. Here on TunerDomes, it is called HyperWhite.

Browse the TunerDomes website for your all automotive lighting needs. Site navigation is easy as it allows you to shop by category. You can shop by ride/car-make, shop by bulb or shop by part number. There is also a led license plate lighting. A category called Bulb reference guide is also available. While you are there, don't forget to check out their Sale Items. You might be able to snag an LED light at the price you like. International orders are accepted by email and with a minimum order of $100. Happy shopping!

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