Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All My Children

What is it with soap operas? I have friends who would rather stay in and catch up on soap operas than go out during the weekends. One such soap that's getting all the attention is All My Children. My family too would all be glued to the TV on nights it was shown.

I think they'd be glad for this website that is dedicated to this series. The daily updates have put those cliff-hangers out of business but I don't mind as I am one who likes to know what's going to happen next. Can't stand all that guessing. This site has lots more. There's the newsroom with information on the cast members, the goings and comings of the cast. There are even spoilers to spoil the fun for you. Pictures. You can find lots on this site. You can even get to air your views on their message board. Why not sign up, be a member and get full access to the website. Membership is free.

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