Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dress Up Games & Cartoon Dolls

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. For boys, playing cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers are what they do while for girls, it's playing dress up games and playing with dolls. It is not uncommon for girls to design and make dolls dresses. The variety is limitless.

Dolls have evolved over the years and they are becoming more and more sophisticated. Take Barbie dolls for example. Barbie has more dresses than the average human young lady. She has practically every outfit for every occasion and new ones are being designed all the time. What a lucky lady, Barbie is.

This technological age has elevated doll Dress Up Games to a new level. We can play dress up games online now. You can play by selecting the dolls and dressing them up by just a mouse-click. Play dress up games on the There are many categories you can choose from. You can dress up your doll as a princess or an angel, a Greek goddess or as a celebrity. There are dresses by the occasion too, such as Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. You can even mix and match items from multiple fashion games. The choices are mind-blogging and fun.
Best of all, you can even save your dressed up dolls.

Create your very own avatars and participate in the forums, chats and contests. If you enjoy children's stories, there is even a section on children stories.

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