Friday, February 23, 2007

Get a Mint Credit or Gift Card

A credit card is no longer considered a luxury but is more of a necessity these days. Many transactions are done via a credit card and purchases online will require a credit card if one does not have a Paypal account.

In 2003, the Mint credit card was introduced. There were two versions of the credit card. One is the standard credit card while the other is with the bottom right-hand corner removed. This one is the MC2 card. If you are looking to sign up for a credit card, I would recommend this Mint credit card for its saving features. You get 0% on purchases until 1st Dec 2007; 0% interest on balance transfers until 1st Dec 2007 for a low fee of 2.9%. You also get 0% bonus offer on balance transfers debited to your account.

Should you encounter any problem with the card, their Customer Service operates on a 24-hour service. MINT secure ensures that you shop online securely and with no worries plus you get a 56-day interest-free period on purchases.

If you are also looking for a great gift, why not give a gift of a Mint Gift Card? This gift card was launched in September 2006 and serves basically as a pre-paid credit card. Instead of wondering what to give to a loved one or a friend, the Mint Gift Card is simply perfect as the loved one or friend can get anything he or she desires with the gift card. Really a neat present that can be used just about anywhere. Whether it's credit cards or gift cards you are looking for, check out

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