Friday, May 18, 2007

Get Pingo Prepaid Calling Cards

Just the other day, my workmates were talking about telephone rates and how their phone-bills at home have increased since they had maids living in. The only one not lamenting was Diane because she got Pingo phone cards for her maid. These are prepaid calling cards to call the philippines where her home is. Plus Diane received $5 in free calls when she first signed up.

If you are not familiar with Pingo, Pingo is a reliable prepaid calling card provider with 90% of their customers reordering because there is no hidden fee with the best competitive rates worldwide. Right now, Pingo offers up to 4 hours of free International calls just for signing up.

Father's Day is fast approaching so why not sign up now and get $10 worth of free calls. In addition, be a Pingo affiliate and earn $15 for each new customer you refer. Pingo is not only a calling card, it even makes you money!

Come to think of it, Ramesh, our IT analyst from India, would surely benefit from the India calling card rates. Let me tell him about Pingo. He'll be delighted, I'm sure.


Aileen_g said...

interesting information you have here! maybe i'll consider registering for one too, when i have enough cash in paypal =D

Happysurfer said...

Thanks. Not to worry, you will have enough soon enough.

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