Friday, May 18, 2007

A Royal Wedding

This has got to be the wedding of the year. The Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, and Zara Salim Davidson were married at the Istana Iskandariah in Bukit Chandan here.

The simple wedding ceremony yesterday was nonetheless steeped in Perak royal custom

Symbol of love: Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah slipping a diamond wedding ring onto the finger of Zara Salim Davidson during the royal akad nikah ceremony at the Balai Istiadat, Istana Iskandariah, in Kuala Kangsar yesterday. The ceremony was officiated by the Perak Mufti Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria.

Her wedding dress was the creation of local fashion designer, Kuala Kangsar-born Radzuan Radziwill.

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