Friday, May 18, 2007

Win a Date with a Celebrity

Do you like to join contests? If you do, here is one with a fun difference and you get to win an extraordinary prize, a date with a Celebrity! To be exact, the prize is a date with Mirelly Taylor, a celeb who has appeared on "Kiss Me Again" and "Serving Sara". You would also have seen here on television shows, "Las Vegas", "Punk'd" and "Numb3rs".

This fun contest will run for fourteen weeks and is unique in that it allows anyone to be part of the program. Participation is by way of video submissions. Check out the hilarious submissions on and top those to win that date!

Here's the submission process. First, watch the introduction to the "Seduce a Celeb" promotion where Mirelly explains how the promotion works, then watch Mirelly explain the three specific calls-to-action and then create your video for each of them. After your video is done, upload it to enter. You can submit more videos for a better chance to win.

What better way to get your creativity juices flowing than to watch more videos and I would recommend the Free videos at The winner is determined by the number of votes, so don't forget to vote for your favourite videos. Right now, this is the most popular contestant. Enjoy!

I wonder who would be the next celebrity to be featured? How about a male celeb, eh?

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