Friday, May 25, 2007

PPP Direct - The Better New Kid in Town

Woot! I tell you, PPP is getting better and better! PayPerPost has just launched their PPP Direct! - an added program for you to get paid to blog.

PPP Direct basically means that advertisers can directly approach Posties to get them to write special blog posts. Posties just have to specify the minimum amount they want to be paid for these Direct opportunities and stick a widget on their blog. When an advertiser decides he'd like the Postie to write a review, he just clicks on the badge and make the Postie an offer.

Now, why should you install PPP Direct?! Let me tell you why.

- You get to keep more of the money. Programs like ReviewMe and SponsoredReviews take a bigger cut of the payout. ReviewMe takes a 50% cut while SR takes 35%. PPP Direct by contrast charges a mere 10% service fee, almost 5% goes into PayPal and Credit Card fees.

- PPP Direct ensures that both Postie and Advertiser are happy - Postie gets paid while Advertiser gets his review. For a small fee, PPP Direct makes that happen - no hassle and no worries.

- Ease of Use especially for advertisers as they can use their credit cards rather than going through PayPal as the latter can be quite inconvenient. Posties will find the widget fast and easy to use.

- Tax Reporting is made easy as PPP Direct offers are accounted for in the year-end tax statement from PPP.

- More Opps for quality bloggers in the long run - PPP Direct in addition to PPP.

On the PPP front, the Benches feature has been added. This allows advertisers to exclude bloggers from their opps for a period of time and at the same time allows Posties to remove a certain advertiser temporarily.

Yet another feature that is most welcome by Posties is the introduction of a post reservation period. Posties can now reserve an Opp and take up to six hours to complete it. Before this was introduced, Posties sometimes had to go through the frustration of being told that the Opps have all been filled after having spent time making the post.

On the ranking front, PPP has removed Technorati rankings from the system as Technorati scores are no longer relevant to the PPP system after they have changed the way they rank blogs.

PPP Direct - you'd be crazy not to have it installed!!

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