Thursday, May 17, 2007

Used Car Inspection

In the Government's effort to ensure only roadworthy vehicles are allowed on the roads to reduce road accidents, from July 1, all secondhand private vehicles will have to undergo mandatory Puspakom inspection before transfer of ownership.

The ruling came about due to the increasing trend of cars that failed Puspakom inspection. These vehicles were mainly the “cut-and-join” cars (kereta potong).

Presently, checks on commercial vehicles are required every six months and all private cars are checked if financed by banks.

Inspection will cost RM30 for each vehicle and checks will involve identifying the chassis and engine numbers as well as checking on engine and seating capacity, car model, year of manufacture, colour and even the level of tint to ensure that these tally with those stored in JPJ database.

A car found to have its chassis number tampered with or modified would be deregistered.

Puspakom has given the assurance that inspection of one car should not take more than an hour.

Source: The Star

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