Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beach Cruisers

Here in Malaysia, the climate is simply marvellous for outdoor activities. Plus we have a lot of places for such activities. We have space for big gardens, beautiful parks both private and public ones. The trend these days in housing is to have homes built with lots of greenery, space for outdoor activities and sports where children will have a place to play safely and adults will have space for their own sporting or exercise needs.

Public parks these days are equipped with jogging or cycling tracks for the exercise enthusiasts. Cycling is getting to be pretty popular here in urban areas. This could be due to the fact that it offers a good form of exercise which office workers lack in their nine to five jobs. Owning a bicycle would be ideal in this case.

We were on holiday last week in Port Dickson, a beach town on the West Coast and we noticed there were many holiday-makers taking in the beach and surrounding areas on bicycles. How I wish I had one then. With the a gentle breeze blowing and the sun shining, I could imagine their delight to be enjoying the place on a bicycle. Actually, a beach cruiser would have been ideal - for that comfort and style.

I think I'll check out on a beach cruiser for when I go to the beach next. I understand there are lots of colours to choose from and several different types too. I'd definitely go for a purple one. It's sweet and pretty, reflective of the breezy beach environment, just the place for me and my beach cruiser. And I'll add in a basket too for those knicks-knacks that I could pick from the beach.

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