Thursday, January 18, 2007

Live Poker Games

My office-mates often gather at each others homes for parties, each person taking turns to play host. These parties are a monthly affair and everyone enjoys the getting together and having a good time away from work. Most times, the guys would end up playing poker until the small hours and at times had to stay the night.

I think they will like this idea of a live poker game for a change. PokerDIY - A free service to find LIVE poker games connects poker players which means my friends could even play poker with each other at the comfort of their own home.

Here's a PokerDIY video for your enjoyment.

With the recent online gambling law, more players are looking for live poker games. Join a poker league where your scores can be tracked. Plus, on PokerDIY, every two weeks they have the PokerDIY Freeroll for members with real prize money and a place on the PokerDIY League scoreboard.

This is a sponsored post.

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