Sunday, January 21, 2007

RakeBreakers - Online Poker Rakeback Directory

My friends would always end our monthly home get-togethers with a game of poker. This is the one time in a month they get to play poker. I think now they can play poker any time of the month with so many online poker sites available. Not only that, they can even make some rakeback earnings from the Poker rakeback sites they sign up with as online Poker Rakeback Affiliates.

I think they should take a look at this online poker rakeback directory from RakeBreakers. This directory allows current customers of rakeback affiliates the opportunity to rate the services provided by their affiliate on a scale of 1-10. The criteria include timely payment, customer service and the overall experience as a whole. Site visitors are then able to make a more-informed decision before selecting a poker rakeback provider. Rakeback providers listed here are trustworthy. Check out It not only is a rakeback directory. It also lists monthly promotions, has a forum and answers any queries in their FAQ section.

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