Thursday, January 04, 2007

PPP Affiliate Program

When I first stumbled upon a blog, I was amazed at such a wonderful thing and was truly ecstatic about finding something so interesting, so useful. Just the thing I need I thought as I was looking out for an e-diary, sort of.

Then when I discovered how to set up a blog, that made my day, really! It was so exciting to be able to have a place to write stuff, thoughts, share information I find with friends and family, read other peoples' musings, the whole works. Wow!

And lately, when I found out one can also make some money blogging, that was a huge discovery - at least for me. PayPerPost made it all possible. That's not all. Now I can even make money be referring others to PPP. Each referral makes me an additional USD15.

So, are you blogging yet? Why not? Signing up is easy. Just click on the blue PerPayPost icon on the sidebar on this page and you're on your way to an unlimited stream of income. And once you've signed up, you can join the PPP Affiliate Program and receive a USD15 for each person that signs up and posts.

PPP sponsored this post.

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