Monday, January 01, 2007

PPP acquires

PPP last week announced that it has acquired select assets of With 28,000 professionals since its launch in 2005, is a popular Internet community site for professional bloggers. With this purchase, PayPerPost gains a number of powerful blogger support tools including Performancing Metrics and Performancing Exchange. The former is a leading, free blog metrics-analysis service while Performancing Exchange is an online "classifieds" for bloggers. Both of these services will greatly enhance the value of PayPerPost.

I believe this acquisition is a positive move for PPP. Not only does it help marketers and bloggers alike, it also positions PayPerPost as the destination of choice for bloggers who make a career out of blog publishing.

Performancing Metrics enable bloggers to track visitor statistics on their blogs. Even though in beta mode, blog visitors, blog comments and ad clickthroughs are among what the metrics can do. This is a helpful tool for bloggers to be aware of realtime stats.

It is now easier for companies and bloggers alike to be noticed for mutual benefit. Performancing Exchange, a free online "classifieds" service brings companies and bloggers together for that supply/demand balance.

All this is well and good but what does it mean to bloggers in the aspect of monetary gains? Bloggers can make money through reviewing the Performancing Metrics and Performancing Exchange platforms on their blogs. Indeed, I welcome this acqusition with open arms. Way to go, PPP!

This is a sponsored post.

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