Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's Beautiful To You?

To answer what Belisi asks, "What's Beautiful to You?", I'd say a walk in the rain or sharing an umbrella with someone you love, snuggling up close while he puts a protective arm around you shielding you from the rain, that's beautiful.

A lone rose on a bush of thorns is beautiful, so is a flower in the hair. A dew on a blade of grass is beautiful too for it signals the dawn of a new morning. A lily pond of lilies, white and pink and violet is a beautiful sight - what a delight!

What's beautiful to me is a child linking his hand to another's. So much innocence and love in someone so little. White on children is beautiful. White is the universal language for purity and freshness. While is love.

Unconditional love is beautiful. Never mind their color, never mind their state. Be kind is beautiful. Humility is beautiful, so is being happy for happiness brings out happiness in others. A hearty laugh is beautiful especially when you have friends laughing along with you.

Colors are beautiful for without them the world would be lifeless. Scarves are beautiful, ties are too. Brooches, pins, buttons and bows. Fashion is beautiful. That's what makes the world go round.

Being alive is beautiful.

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