Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Malaysia's Visa On Arrival (VOA)

Malaysia has recently introduced Visa On Arrival (VOA) which makes it convenient for visitors to the country. However, please note that in Johor Bahru, VOA is only issued at the Tuas checkpoint, not at the Johor Causeway due to heavy traffic.

Below article from The Star for your reference:

Visa not issued at Causeway

KUALA LUMPUR: The Immigration Department does not issue visa on arrival (VOA) at the Johor Causeway due to heavy traffic.

However, Immigration director-general Datuk Wahid Md Don said the VOA was issued at Tuas, the other entry point to Malaysia from Singapore.

He expressed regret over the inconvenience a visitor from New Zealand, Sam Kamini, had to put up with recently when he could not get his visa on arrival at the Causeway.

“His travel agent had failed to inform him that the VOA was issued at Tuas and not at the Causeway.

“The agent should have also told him that VOA application could be forwarded personally to the Singapore High Commission,” Wahid said in response to Kamini’s letter published in The Star on Thursday.

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