Sunday, March 11, 2007

Are you Nutty enough?

People really are creative. No, let me reword that. Business people or entrepreneurs are really creative. I mean, look at the picture above. Doesn't it grab you? That's just a simple keychain but the mind runs wild, doesn't it? It's a keychain from the "YourNutz" store and there are plenty of such interesting and attention-grabbing items from where that came from and these nutz come in several sizes too. Oops!!

Noticed the yellow ribbon? "YourNutz" has respectfully placed it designating Support the Troops on their Exclusive 8” Customized Desert Scheme Camo Nutz. 25% of the proceeds from each sale goes to that cause. If you're looking for a cause to support, why not pick this one: Your Nutz Support the Troops Desert Camo

It was reported that a congressman proposed that "Your Nutz" plastic testicles should be banned. What he failed to realize is that has been donating a hefty 25% of sales from their Desert Schemed Support the Troops and Urban Camo POW Scheme to Support the Troops and POW organizations.

If you're not into nutz, there are loads of other great nutty items such as this sticker of The Ass Family.

Imagine the fun it will be, watching people in the cars next to you, blast coffee or soda out their nose after they read this sticker on the back of your ride!

The ASS Family - Wise, Smart, Lazy, Kiss and Dumb

You might want to buy one for someone else's car!

This is a can’t miss! Shipping is free on this item.

If YourNutz.can actually sell more of these Desert and Urban nuts, the troops atually will make out. So, do check out the different categories of ballz and nutz available and the online special deals. Support this good cause.

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