Friday, March 09, 2007

PPP's great news to come

From the day I joined PayPerPost, they have been introducing one positive change after another. It was nice to be part of a growing outfit and the best part is, PPP keeps posties and everyone else informed of the changes and opinions and feedback were sought which quickened the fine-tuning process.

There is always something interesting happening at PayPerPost. This time, through an opportunity, PayPerPost announced that there will be some big news in the next few weeks. Posties are asked to guess as to what it is. This got posties thinking and speculating on all sorts of possibilities.

When I first joined PayPerPost, the max number of posts that a postie could take was two (down from three previously). I was happy being able to take most if not all of the opportunities. Unfortunately, (drastic) segmentation was introduced which put a check to the number of opportunities available. As if to pacify posties, PPP increased the daily max number of posts back to three. Under normal circumstances, this would be great news for posties but not necessarily for most as segmentation took care of that unfortunately.

So now, if I were to guess as to the big news that's coming up, I would want for segmentation to be abolished or to reduce segmentation where it becomes less stringent. Advertisers seem to forget that online advertising is meant to reach far and wide and restricting posties would be akin to restricting the reach for their products and services. If my wish comes true, it would be wild!!

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