Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Get a Smartphone

More people are upgrading their phone more often now than before and the popular ones these days are the smartphones. To quote Wirefly, "Smartphones are no longer just high-tech toys for IT specialists or mobile offices for business executives. The general public is now starting to embrace QWERTY keyboard smartphones as versatile cellphones for everyday use."

The new look of smartphones is an added attraction with smartphones now being slimmer. Drastically reduced prices are also contributory to sales being pushed up. Are you interested in getting a smartphone but not sure which brand to buy? Check out smartphones at Wirefly. They have just announced the Wirefly's 5 Most Popular Smartphones (by order of volume sales).

The Blackjack from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is Wirefly’s best-selling smartphone, while Motorola Inc.’s Q and Research in Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8700 series round out the list, according to Wirefly’s sales figures.

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