Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Website for Government info

Whether locals or foreigners we may one time or another have dealings with the government. In these technological times, going online is a natural progression. But how do we know which website to go to when the need arises? To make it easy for the public, the government has set up a website, This is the only website we need to remember now.

The website lists 395 online services of ministries, departments and agencies. The public could at the click of the button obtain various information on services provided by the Government such as payments, applications, searches, filing complaints and other services. Included are over 200 online services on the site so that people can deal with the authorities in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Other services provided included enabling the public to make zakat, loan and quit rent payments; update postal addresses with the Employees Provident Fund; apply to extend archaeological search licences through the Museums Department; and apply for foreign workers with the Immigration Department.

Others to be made available include the public being able to send completed application forms downloaded from the website directly to the relevant authorities instead of having it printed and submitted by post.

Syabas! Way to go!

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