Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saving with the right cell phone plan

Just like many other things, cell phones have become an important item in life. Not having a cell phone is like being cut off from the world, from your family, friends and everyone else. Many people I know carry two phones at any one time. That's how important the cell phone has become.

Most people look for great deals on cell phones and some of them change phones regularly looking out for the newest and latest features. Unfortunately, they forget to think about the equally important (if not more so) cell phone plan and which could bring about big savings if they switched to a plan that better suited their calling needs.

There are many plans available in the market and at times it can be quite daunting having to pick the right plan. Thank goodness there is Wirefly.

Wirefly can help customers find the right cell phone plan and help you save hundreds each year by switching to a better monthly wireless plan. is a great resource to help you shop for the right plan.

Take a look at their service plan by carrier. If you've been agitated by dropped calls, the Cingular Wireless plan would work best for you as it has the ALLOVER network, with the fewest dropped calls. T-Mobile on the other hand, offers great value with more minutes and award-winning customer service; while Verizon Wireless plan features America's most reliable wireless network.

If you want nothing to do with roaming charges, then the Sprint Fair & Flexible plans would work for you. There is no huge overage on this one. However, if you like walkie-talkie phones, then you might want to sign up with Nextel. And if there are some numbers that you frequently call, there's the Alltel My Circle that let's you choose who you call for free - any number, any network. That would be great savings.

Having children? Disney Mobile phones are great for kids with the Disney-themed content.

Check out their Individual and Family Plans and their Popular Service Plans. If you sign up for a Family Plan now, you get two free phones. Now, where would you get this deal?!

You can find great resources to help you shop for the right plan (including a convenient wireless wizard tool to help you pick the ideal plan) at Wirefly:
It's now available at a discount of 40%. Shop at Wirefly. You won't regret it!

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