Friday, March 30, 2007

Free classified ads

My new neighbours are a couple of elderly folks. Both husband and wife are in their seventies. I remember when they first moved in a year ago, I noticed that they did not have many things with them. What I mean is there weren't many boxes of stuff and I was surprised and complimented them on their travelling light. To that, they told me that each time they moved house (which they've done a few times already), they'd get rid of stuff that they did not need. They'd put them in Classified listings.

Free ads listing is what they normally use to conserve their pension funds. Among the things they have sold off are their furniture sets as according to them, these are items that eliminates labour when they move house. Apart from items being on sale, these Free Classified Listings are also great places to find jobs and services and that's how they've made friends with the local forwarder. I hope they'll stay here awhile as they're such nice folks.

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