Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Visit to Jersey City

My sister and her husband are planning a holiday in the Fall and were going through some brochures when they came across one on Jersey City. They are excited about the many attractions Jersey City has to offer a tourist.

There is the Statue of Liberty, of course, and the prospect of riding a ferry from the Liberty State Park, a visit to Ellis Island, the Liberty Science Center, a stroll along the Jersey City Waterfront along Liberty Walk, the stunning views of the New York Harbor and the NYC skyline, visits to the many museums and art galleries, go to the theaters, visit historic sites and buildings and parks and do some shopping, naturally.

My sis and her husband love nature. They like taking walks in parks and waterfronts so I know they'll enjoy Jersey City with her parks and waterfronts. A trip to Jersey City would be just their ideal holiday destination.

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