Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bayern Munich and Chelsea through to the UEFA Champions League final on May 19

Did you root for Real Madrid to reach the finals of the UEFA Champions League? Unfortunately, they lost to Bayern Munich who will be meeting Chelsea who came out winners in the other semifinal set. Chelsea beat another Spanish team, Barcelona, to be in the finals which will be played at Allianz Arena on May 19 in Munich.

There are lots of football fans here in Malaysia. Both of the semifinal games were played in the early morning hours our local time so the mamak stalls and eateries that are open 24 hours would not have been crowded with football fans or would they still be?

Astro is the current tv service provider that broadcasts live telecast of sports events including the English Premier League (EPL), World Cup, Olympics and other regional sports events. Besides enjoying a wonderful glass of aromatic teh tarik (pulled tea) and delicious roti canai (local pancake), patrons at mamak foodstalls also get to enjoy live telecasts of sports events.

Wnen you visit Malaysia, you mustn't miss the experience. Mamak foodstalls are all over Malaysia especially in a bustling and friendly city like Kuala Lumpur where the city never sleeps and streetfood aplenty.

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