Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paper Supplies for Restaurants and Others

Keeping costs down contributes to a company's profitability. Stationery can become a big portion of expenditure if care is not taken to monitor expenses spent on this line item. If you are the one who is responsible for purchasing stationery for your company or home office, here is a paper source that you might want to check out.

At Pro Source Paper, you will find top quality thermal paper, Receipt Paper, POS paper, Paper Rolls & thermal rolls and more. There are over a dozen choices of thermal paper rolls to choose from, one that will most certainly meet with your requirement for your cash register, ATM, or credit card machine. You would be surprised too at the low price of the papers that come with their high quality products.

They offer a lot more than just thermal paper. They also carry full lines of printer ribbons, printer cartridges, price guns and labels, and other items that your business might need in order to run smoothly. If yours is a food or restaurant business, don't forget to check out their kraft paper napkin rings to add that welcoming touch to your restaurant. Crayons for the kids (and adults alike) would also be a nice touch to keep the kids occupied while the food is being prepared. Crayons for kids are always a big hit. Bulk-buying for their crayons which come in a pack of 4 would add further savings in your shopping. The paper napkin bands provide an attractive and sanitary utensil presentation. They come in attractive colors of burgundy, green and white.

In addition to thermal paper, restaurant crayons, and napkin bands, Pro Source Paper also carries an extensive line of bond paper receipts, Garvey price guns and labels, ATM receipt paper, and others. As in a restaurant business, garbage is a big part of the business at the end of the day. At Pro Source Paper, you can find bin liners that any restaurant owner will have peace of mind. The bin liners that you find here are the super strong, can't escape type of trash can liners and they come in four different capacities to suit any trash can, i.e., 33 gallon, 45 gallon, 56 gallon and 60 gallon bin liners.

Why shop with Pro Source Paper when there are numerous other options out there when it comes to purchasing thermal paper, credit card paper or printer ribbons? For starters, it is price. Their prices are consistently among the lowest available. They carry an extensive range of products, not just thermal rolls, credit card paper and printer ribbons. Here, you will find a wide variety of items that you will need in the day-to-day operations in most industries. Pro Source Paper is thus a one-stop shop saving you time in addition to the saving on prices. Service comes next. They ship the same when order is received before 3:00pm Central Time. Order in bulk and you will realize more savings with their Shipping Advantage Program in which they pack smaller boxes into a big box to cut down shipping costs for the customer. They are reputed to have the best shipping rates on the web. You save money on different levels when you shop with Pro Source Paper.

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