Monday, April 02, 2012

Grow apple trees..

Many people eat a lot less fruits partly due to the prices. With prices of everything escalating, eating healthily to include a variety of fruits may become unaffordable in our day and age. But if you were to have your own fruit trees and the fruits so readily available at home, maintaining a healthy diet will be so much easier.

Growing your own fruits also ensures better fruit quality. Commercial fruits are generally laden with chemicals which pose health risks. Planting fruits in your own yard means that you are eating fruits that are completely and totally chemical-free.

You don't have to imagine all this. You can make it a reality to get that satisfaction of self-accomplishment and reward from realizing your dream of being able to pick your own fruits right out of the tree in your own backyard.

Now, ready to have a little orchard of your own? Willis Orchard Company is the place to check out. Willis Orchard Company provides the highest quality fruit trees, shade trees, flowering trees, palm trees, nut trees and plants at the most affordable prices. The practical advice from their knowledgeable experts plus their caring customer service will put any planter at ease and ready to get started.

But why buy from Willis Orchard Company you may ask.

Willis has a very wide selection of fruit trees from apple trees to banana tress to plum and pear trees to pomegranate trees, even berry plants and grape vines. If it's just palm trees and flowering plants you need to beautify your garden landscape, Willis has them too.

Making an order is easy on their tollfree line and they are open 24/7. When you order from Willis Orchard Company, you will have peace of mind as your account information is kept secure and under lock and key. Not only that, you can be rest assured that they are committed to serving you even after your tree, vine, or plant arrives at your doorstep. They offer their famous Friendly Guarantee on almost all the items in their store meaning that if your plants die, you can just send them back the bottom portion of the plant, and a copy of your invoice. That's it. They will then ship you a replacement tree. It's that simple. That's the peace of mind you get when ordering from Willis Orchard Company.

Willis's commitment is to deliver every customer a healthy quality tree or plant of the correct size and variety specified, the first time. Even if it's one cherry tree you need, all care will be taken to ensure you receive the cherry tree that you are asking for.

Check our their website. It's easy to navigate with relevant categories for easy access. Happy shopping at Willis Orchard Company and happy growing your own fruit trees!


Aji Ajo said...

Are u seriously saying that Willis will do delivery to Malaysia???

HappySurfer said...

Unfortunately, no, and in answer to your query, I attach the following found on their website's FAQ:

Where can Willis Orchard Company ship?

We can ship all over the continental United States. However, due to agricultural regulations we are not permitted to ship certain items into California. Give us a call to verify any California deliveries, if you are unsure of your local restrictions.

For more information, do visit their website, easily available by clicking one of the links in this post. Alternatively, here's the Willis Orchard website URL:

Aji Ajo, thank you for stopping by. Happy shopping and planting!

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