Friday, April 13, 2012

Kuala Dirang in Perak is flooded

The Star today carries an article of a town in the north being flooded. Kuala Dirang is the town. This is a town I have not heard of before, probably many other Malaysians too.

A disaster, natural or otherwise, may not be all bad. At least media coverage brings awareness the existence of a town or a village. This is a case in point.

An extraordinarily heavy overnight downpour caused flooding in several places in the state of Perak in the north resulting in some 1,145 people from villages around Kuala Dipang to be affected by floods on Thursday. Some 95 villagers were evacuated from Kuala Dipang early Thursday, after heavy rains overnight caused floodwaters to rise chest high.

Kampar is also flooded.

Source: The Star..Kuala Dipang flooded, 1,145 evacuated

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