Thursday, April 26, 2012

Go green with the right Lighting

If are in the market for lighting, any light fixtures from cfl light bulbs to full spectrum light bulbs to outdoor lights and others, you have come to the right place.

H&H Industries approaching 50 Years of Excellence lighting the world from New York to Hawaii, from Canada to South America and to Europe is the place for lighting solutions. They are serving customers big and small, everywhere from the humble corner store to government buildings.

If you are in the effort of going green for the environment, there is a wide selection of energy-saving lightings on H&H. H&H's Twistee® Compact Fluorescents start saving you money the minute you screw them into the socket. And they continue saving money, and precious energy, throughout their long burning life. Additionally, if you are not so keen about the shape of a traditional spiral CFL, they have an option that gives you the traditional incandescent frosted glass look without seeing the CFL light source. H&H's A-Shape CFL is a great choice for household lighting including garage lighting.

Give the website a browse. You will be amazed at their wide selection of lightings including Decorative, Incandescants, LED, Retrofit kits, Flood lights, Tower lights, even Traffic lights, and many more.

H&H offers one of the widest selections of decorative lamps in the lighting industry. No matter which bulb you choose, it's guaranteed to add charm, glamor, excitement and drama to any decor. But their decorative lamps do even more than that. Life-rated up to 12,000 hours, their bulbs will outlast ordinary decorative lamps several times over. They'll save money on maintenance and replacements and, in some cases, energy. You'll buy far fewer bulbs in the long run and replace them far less often.

When it comes to fluorescent light fixtures, H&H Watthawk fixtures and Reduce-A-Watt retrofit kits offer a wide variety of different options to not only enhance the work environment but also lower the energy and operating costs. Their new 50,000 hour T8 Vi-Tek 93® Plus lamp all H&H T8 Watthawk fixtures and Reduce-A-Watt retrofit kits are warrantied for 5 years saving on maintenance costs.

This third generation family-owned company, is directly involved in the manufacture and supply of quality lighting products - with over 250 individuals dedicated to meeting your highest expectations offering lighting solutions for our changing world. Check out their site for lighting goodies!

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