Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cell phone signal booster

Malaysia on both sides, East and West Malaysia, is not on flat land but are naturally mountainous. These mountains do interfere with cellular signal receptions and can pose challenging for service providers and organizations alike where uninterrupted communication is concerned.

Fortunately, such cellular signal "Dead Zones" can easily be turned into "Full Access Zones" with something called a cell phone booster.

If you are in the market for a cell phone booster, look no further than They are a top provider of Wilson Electronics cell phone repeaters and cell phone signal boosters since 2001 supplying solutions to allow the US Military, individuals, small business, and Fortune 500 companies across America to use their cell phones and computer air cards in buildings and over open areas, where they could not before.

Customers keep going back because of their unsurpassed excellent service. When you buy a product from them, you will be sure to also be supplied with other supporting items such as cable ties, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc., needed for you to do a fast, easy installation of their signal boosters. There is no need for you to make extra trips to the home improvement store and no added expense is ever needed when you buy from them. And all these are at no extra charge.

Also, when you order their cell phone signal booster, you will receive a ground kit with parts properly bagged and labelled, e.g., "Amplifier", "Pole Mount", etc. They also include a line drawing of your signal booster kit, along with very easy-to-follow instructions and on most kits they also label each end of your cables as to what it attaches to. Plus, they are always available to you by telephone during business hours, should you have any questions.

UnWiredSignal pride themselves not as product sellers but problem solvers. Nobody on their staff is paid commissions. They won't make solution recommendations until they have the appropriate information from you that will allow them to do so.

Browse their wide range of products on their website. There are Building Amplifiers and Repeaters, Mobile Amplifiers and Repeaters, Amplifiers only, BLACKCAT! Cell phone antennas (this one can increase the cell phone's frequency gain by 9 dBi, or 533%), Mobile antennas, Vehicle Bluetooth devices and more. UnWiredSignal also provides Oil Field & Emergency Services as well as Tech Support & Installation which you can reach on their tollfree line.

Interested to learn about the ways to boost cell phone signals and computer air card signals? Check out this information on their website. You can also find cell phone booster selection Tips.

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