Saturday, April 07, 2012

Clothing & Retail Accessories

Gone are the days when you had to physically go looking for equipment or furniture or any paraphernalia of the trade if you were starting up a business. Nowadays, everything or almost everything you need for your business is just a mouse-click away.

Take a look at Classic Store Fixtures, for instance. If you are planning to start up a boutique or a store that sells clothes, you will be able to find everything you need to outfit your shop on this website.

Looking at the items they carry, I would agree that Classic Store Fixtures is a leading online supplier of store display fixtures and garment racks, etc. They are a direct importer of many styles of clothing racks, plastic and wooden hangers, retail shopping bags, mannequins and forms, and more.

Whether you are starting out new or updating your store's decor, you will find their new “Classic Collection” garment racks offer a unique style and appearance to easily and economically serve your purpose. They take pride in providing the best customer service and offering top quality products. If you are in the United States, a $50 order will provide you free shipping.

Browsing the site is a breeze as all items are appropriately categorized. You will find rolling garment racks, double bar clothing racks, four-way and two-way clothing racks, and spiral garment racks. If you are starting a doby service, Classic Store Fixtures is also the place to go to as they carry a good selection of top quality clothing hangers. Their plastic hangers come in clear and black. They also carry a selection of the most popular wooden hangers, as well in natural and black - the best quality, heavy-duty hangers, providing customers with durable, top-of-the-line products. Garment bags are also available here.

Classic Store Fixtures is truly the go-to supplier and one-stop shop for all things clothes paraphernalia from clothing racks to display tables and showcases to gridwall and jewelry displays to shopping bags to match your shop color scheme to hangers, even men, women, and children’s mannequins and much more. Shopping has never been more convenient.


Bali Hotels said...

very nice post, i love it ^_^

Jewelry Displays said...

It is nice that store owners will have a much easier time shopping for retail store fixtures using the internet. Thanks for sharing.

aliah said...

retail display can be a very efficient way to attract shoppers. i think this is one of the most effective way attract shoppers to your store..and i like the points that you have made here..
thanks for sharing your this post..:-)
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