Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Petrol price in Malaysia - RON97 increase - April 3 midnight

July 4, 2012 Update - RON97 petrol price reduced by 20sen to RM2.60 from July 5 2012
June 6, 2012 Update - Petrol price in Malaysia - RON97 - June 2012

The price of the premium RON97 petrol in Malaysia went up 10sen to RM2.90 at midnight last night, Monday, according to the Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia (PDAM).

There will be no change in RON95 petrol and diesel prices. The price for diesel also remains unchanged at RM1.80 a litre.

The price increase is due to the soaring global fuel price that has hit USD120 per barrel. The price of RON97 fluctuates in accordance with the global fuel price as the Government has lifted subsidy for this petrol.

There have been four increases in RON97 petrol price since the beginning of 2011. The last increase on May 5 (2011) saw a hike of 20 sen to RM2.90 per litre. On June 15 midnight, the price was reduced by 10 sen to RM2.80 per litre. That was the first reduction since the price was floated at market rates.

Source: The Star..Price of RON97 to go up 10sen to RM2.90 at midnight

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