Monday, April 09, 2012

New MyKad is very popular but Not compulsory to change

A few months ago, the government announced the introduction of a new MyKad. Malaysians have been applying for the replacement and momentum has picked up to the tune of an average of 21,000 applications daily since the introduction of the enhanced MyKad in January.

However, with the National Registration Department capacity capped at 8,000 cards issued a day at the moment, the waiting time has been increased to three months. Previously, an applicant only needed to wait a day to get the new MyKad.

If you have yet to change your MyKad, no worries, as it is not compulsory to change to the new MyKad as the existing ones were (are) still valid and could be used in dealings with government and private agencies, according to Home Ministry secretary-general, Tan Sri Mahmood Adam.

“There is no deadline to get the cards,” he said.

The enhanced MyKad is an upgrade of the existing one in terms of design and security features as it uses the latest technology to ensure a better adhesion between the printed layer and the overlay of the card.

The new MyKad is made from durable polycarbonates and uses incision laser technology on the surface of the card with a new Sirim-approved chip that had been tested in semiconductor labs.

It also has a “ghost” image of the cardholder to curb forgery.

Source: The Star..New MyKad is very popular

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