Monday, April 23, 2012

Invincea provides Revolutionary Web Browser Security

The largest threat to an organization is cyber breach and employees are the primary target. It is not surprising then that for browser protection, some companies here in Malaysia ban employees from access to external websites including social networking sites such as You Tube and Facebook. The minute anyone logs onto the web, his system is at risk from any of the lot of malware that is found online. Even sending an email or reading one can put a web-user at risk of his system being infected with malicious content which could and would eventually get the entire system in the company infected if the risk is not arrested in time. On a personal level, his private information may be compromised.

Spear-phishing, drive-by-downloads, poisoned search engine results, hijacking legitimate websites to push malware - these are the sort of malware that cause an employee to be under a constant state of attack. These are the root cause of a security breach, one that is prevalent in this day.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your network and business. Invincea has a range or browser security software packages that are being used by Multi-national corporations and governments. Invincea is focused on one mission and that is to provide you with an revolutionary browser protection software that will protect against the single biggest threat confronting corporations and governments today, i.e., cyber breach.

Invincea's Desktop Security Software platform is constructed around four key focus areas critical for meeting today’s security needs:

Containment: They place the key parts of your system (the web browser, the PDF reader, the Office suite, zip files and executables) in a secure virtual environment – keeping malware away.

Detection: They use behavioral-based malware identification to detect any malicious behavior – whether known, zero-day or APT in nature.

Prevention: The attacks is immediately stopped in its tracks and dispose of the tainted virtual environment.

Intelligence: To prevent a recurrence, they capture all of the detail related to the attack and feed it to your broader security infrastructure.

At Invincea, there are three different flexible packages to meet your needs. They are all easy to implement meaning that deploying the Invincea breach prevention platform across your enterprise is simple and fast. The revolutionary browser security software is built with scalability in mind, which means you won’t have to rack and stack large amounts of new gear. Adding on new information will not be a hassle.

Invincea delivers a solution that meets your business and security needs. They provide employees the unfettered access they need to get their jobs done without exposing your network to system security breach.

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